Interview tips from public radio hosts

From, "a showcase and workshop for new public radio," here are pointers from 25 correspondents, from stars like Susan Stamberg and Bob Edwards to others less well-known. Here's Faith Salie of the Sundance Channel on what not to ask: "In college we would roll our eyes at peers who asked 'flex questions.' Those were the kind of questions that didn’t seek answers but rather sought to demonstrate the insight and acumen of the questioner."

RE: Interview tips from public radio hosts

Actually I have the corresponding do's/don'ts, for the GUESTS, not the interviewers. It's based on my experience (since 2011) hosting Piggy Bank Promotions, a radio show broadcast every Thursday (11 to 11:30 am ET) via Blog Talk Radio. It offers advice to small business, "solopreneurs". Main focus is marketing, but there are also other biz issues, like caregiving and finding the right accountant.

I'm always amazed at the disparities. Some guests have their behavior absolutely nailed; they know what makes a great guest before, during, and after the show. And then there are the ones who are TOTALLY unprofessional.

As I say, I have a cheat sheet offering advice. I usually ask a small fee for it, but I'll waive it for NASW Freelancers (I figure the PR people already understand these basics). Just email me at this address (instead of the one registered here): PLEASE put NASW Cheat Sheet in the Subject line.

Best, Wendy Meyeroff