My kingdom for a Twitter filter

Mathew Ingram predicts that Twitter and other stream-based social media sites are in danger because their users are becoming overloaded. Sure, you can prune your "following" list, but "it’s like cleaning out the garage or indexing your photos; you know that you should do it, but it just seems so daunting that you never get around to it." Also, Paige Brown reviews a study on building relationships through Twitter. Rule one: Reply and engage.

RE: My kingdom for a Twitter filter

This is an old article, but thought I will mention it here. I was personally suffering from the problem that Matthew articulates in his article in GigaOM.

In fact, I almost quite Twitter once I was following more than 200 users. But, there had to be a better way. I built a tool (mostly command line) using linear regression model that analyzed my timeline, assigned a score to every tweet and then ranked them in order.

It worked great. I could easily identify the ones that I wanted to interact with, and if I had enough time, I will scroll down to see the conversational ones.

Last week, I built a web application based on that work. Its now live at Its not fancy, but does scoring and ranking well. Do give it a try.

I would love to hear from you how I can make it even better.

Cheers Jipy @

PS: No need to request an invite, simply Sign In using Twitter at the top.