• Going to AAAS? Be a mentor

    If you are going to AAAS and would like to serve as a mentor for a student science writer, read on for details and let us know by January 27.

  • Mentor a student writer at AAAS Boston

    The NASW Education Committee is again sponsoring its annual mentoring program at the AAAS meeting in Boston, February 14-18, and we need at least 30 volunteers to act as mentors. We match veteran writers with students in graduate science writing programs or undergrads who have displayed a serious interest in science journalism. We've had a lot of interest so far from students across the country!

  • Seeking a mentor for AAAS meeting?

    Are you a student looking for guidance on how to establish a career in science writing? Are you curious about how senior science writers do their jobs? Here's your chance to find out through the NASW Mentoring Program, which matches science writing students with established science journalists and public information officers for a day during the AAAS Annual Meeting. This year's meeting is February 14-18 in Boston.

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    Tips for finding a journalism mentor

    The days when a beginning journalist was surrounded by a newsroom full of experienced colleagues may be gone now, Jillian Keenan writes on the Poynter site: "I fell in love with the freedom and flexibility of independent journalism, but there was one problem: without long-term editors to supervise my work, it seemed like I’d never find those inspiring mentors I had imagined." Keenan offers five tips for freelancers who want to fill the gap by finding their own mentors.

  • Mentors needed for 2011 AAAS meeting

    Attention NASW members: We need your help grooming the next generation of science writers.

  • NASW mentoring program travel stipends

    Thanks to a generous grant from the William T. Golden Endowment Fund at AAAS, the NASW Mentoring Program can offer as many as 10 undergraduate students interested in science journalism up to $1000 in travel expenses to attend the 2008 AAAS meeting in Boston. The meeting will be held from February 14 to 18, 2008. NASW's education committee will select the students independently from AAAS and will pair each one with a veteran writer for a one-day mentorship program.

  • Call for mentors at the AAAS meeting

    The NASW Education Committee is again sponsoring the annual "Mentoring at AAAS" program in February in San Francisco, and we need volunteers to act as the mentors.

  • NASW mentoring program

    The NASW Education Committee offers a variety of programs for NASW student and professional members, all of which are detailed here.

  • FAQ for new and aspiring science writers

    Over the years, many people new to the field of science writing have queried the NASW membership on topics ranging from the free-lance science writing market to the best science writing programs to just how to get started in the business in the first place.

  • Mentoring at AAAS

    The NASW Education Committee will again sponsor the annual "Mentoring at AAAS" program in February, and we need your help. The program matches a veteran journalist or public information officer with a novice science writer or a student in a graduate science writing program. For 2006, the program will be offered at the AAAS annual meeting in St. Louis. (Feb. 16-20).