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Dr. Larry Krumenaker, by training a professional astronomer and educator, is a science, technology and online servic[Characteristics and Life cycles of Stars]es journalist and science/astronomy teacher and popularizer in Marietta, GA.   Between June 2010 and March 2011 he was a Visiting Scholar at Seoul National University in Korea.  Dr. Krumenaker is the publisher and editor of the quarterly  The Classroom Astronomer, a practitioner's journal for teachers of astronomy.  The first issue was Fall 2009 and it is currently at Issue 17 and still running.  A free sample issue can be found at the website http://ClassroomAstronomer.ToTeachTheStars.net .  

As a writer to the trade, Dr. Krumenaker has written for Germany's Die Zeit, Frankfurter Allegemeine Sonntagzeitung, and Moscow's science newspaper Poisk. He has in the past written for Sky and Telescope, Science, Discovery Channel


Online and other science magazines as well as computer and library trade journals including Internet World, The Searcher and Online Access. Krumenaker has also been the staff writer for Rutgers University's Wireless Information Network Laboratory's Packets newsletter.  Biographies of astronauts were contributed by him to Microsoft's Encarta Encyclopedia 1997 CDROM and animation scripts and captions for Byron Preiss Multimedia's Timetables of Technology CDROM (view avi's here!).  In the book area, for Rosen Publishing, he wrote and edited The Characteristics and the Life Cycle of Stars, an anthology of current thought.  Krumenaker edited and published 13 editions of Net.Journal Directory, a semi-annual listing of full text journals archived on the Web. He also is a co-author of the book Internet at a Glance, 3rd Ed. (1996, Information Today, Inc).   

Dr. Krumenaker earned astronomy degrees at Case Western Reserve University and a planetarium education degree from Michigan State University's Abrams Planetarium.  He  earned his doctorate at the University of Georgia in Science Education with a dissertation entitled The Status and Makeup of the U.S. High School Astronomy Course in the Era of No Child Left Behind.. General summaries and some more specific sections on resources high school astronomy teachers use for content and professional development and how to create a high school astronomy course, and how to maintain one when threatened by NCLB and its state-related friendscan be found at http://www.hermograph.com/highschool/highschoolastronomy.htm .

Larry Krumenaker is a member of the National Association of Science Writers (NASW) and was cybrarian/sysop for NASW's online services on CompuServe and web site from 1994 to 1996. Between 1999 and 2013, he was the webmaster for the International Science Writers Association.

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