Do-it-yourself book marketing

Jane Friedman offers a series of tips for getting the word out about your book — from working with bookstores to strategic giveaways of free copies: "Remember that a comprehensive book-marketing campaign uses a combination of tactics to reach readers. It would be unusual to focus solely on social media, or solely on events, to generate word of mouth. The best approach combines online and offline components, and if done right, each amplifies and strengthens the other."

I am a big believer in the power that radio still has for promotion, even through the local markets. I host a weekly radio show, Piggy Bank Promotions, which offers cost-effective marketing and small biz tips. In fact, I have just been chosen to host a seminar at the April 2014 Amer. Society of Journalists and Authors on the idea which comes out of my experience: "Don't Forget Radio"! I'm always amazed at the people who "pooh-pooh" radio appearances as not worth their time.