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Tinsley Davis, who many of you know as our superb workshop organizer, has joined the staff of NASW in the new position of associate executive director. This a major step for NASW in our effort to properly manage the complicated day-to-day operations of our increasingly professional and active organization.

NASW President Robert Lee Hotz provides a members-only update on recent NASW activities: (a) Working with the World Federation of Science Journalists, (b) Helping to fund a summer internship at Science magazine, (c) Making plans for the next Scien

Acting NASW president Lee Hotz called the meeting to order at 8:10 am. He noted that this would have been Laura Van Dam's last meeting as NASW president, had she not died this spring. "It occurred to me last night during the Science Cabaret how much Laura would have appreciated the energy and joy that was circulating." He asked for a moment of silence in her memory.