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Making our membership more inclusive: proposed bylaws changes

We invite members to review and comment on recommendations from the Membership Committee and board to update the membership structure outlined in our bylaws. The goal of these recommendations is to provide for a more inclusive professional community and reflect changes in the field. The final recommendations will be put forward for a vote of the membership later this fall.

Idea Grants help science writers reach diverse audiences and navigate mental health issues

Three projects aiming to empower science writers and communicators to more effectively reach diverse audiences and to express and manage pandemic-related mental health issues have been selected by NASW’s Grants Committee to receive Peggy Girshman Idea Grants. The $15,000 awarded in the latest funding round adds to more than half a million dollars granted since the program’s inception in 2010.

Designer Molecules May Provide Clues to Universe’s Biggest Unsolved Mysteries

Synthetic molecules offer scientists a new framework for solving some long-standing mysteries about the universe. By manipulating the internal architecture of a molecule, researchers are able to create tiny bespoke laboratories in which to test their hypotheses about really big questions, such as how the first stars were formed, how we can harness electrons for use in quantum computing, and where all the antimatter in the universe went.