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Collaboration is key: International partnerships spur sustainable science

Stylized globe with flags illustration

Building partnerships across national borders, cultures, disciplines and institutions is recognized as one of the most effective ways to solve international development challenges.

Bird behavior may help solve human problems

Biologist Rebecca Calisi with a pigeon

Bird behavior gives clues that can help solve human social, economic and health-related problems.

The gut microbiome is opening a new field of medicine

Gut microbiome iIllustration

Current research has uncovered specific combinations of gut bacteria in mice that can predict conditions like irritable bowel disorder and multiple sclerosis. If those findings replicate in humans, they could change approaches to treatment.

Can animals ever be organ donors for humans?

Sheep embryo with human cells

Growing human organs in barnyard animals may solve the shortage in those needed for transplants.

A cure for a crisis: Treating opioid use disorder with scientific solutions

Pills and open bottle

Vaccines, commonly used to prevent diseases caused by viruses, could also be used in the near future to prevent opioid use disorder and other substance use disorders.

California models regulations on high-emission industries

Methane plumes from feedlots

Measurements of the greenhouse gas methane near high-emission industrial sites in California have influenced regulatory changes and may outline a path for other states to follow, experts say.

Genes help reinvent medicine with precision

Art of DNA strands turning into a person

As tools to collect and analyze these data improve, the field of precision medicine aims to inform health decisions like never before, using each person’s unique profile to help health professionals provide earlier diagnoses and personalized treatment plans.

Algae offer potential for sustainable future food

Pasta with Spirulina algae

Microalgae could play a critical role in feeding a rapidly expanding global population.

Healthy and extraordinary brains reveal clues to aging well

AAAS cognitive aging session

People are living longer than ever, but are these added years good ones? Research has provided drugs and lifestyle recommendations about diet and exercise that let us live longer, yet many people spend those extra years suffering from dementia.

Meet the NASW Travel Fellows to AAAS

Eleven budding science writers won NASW Travel Fellowships to attend the 2018 American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) annual meeting. Their reports on selected sessions are being posted on the ScienceWriters web site.