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An inside look at that meteorite journal

Leila Battison wrote one of the other papers that appears in the current Journal of Cosmology alongside a NASA scientist's claim to have found fossilized bacteria in a meteorite. "I contacted all five of my suggested reviewers to ask if they had, in fact, reviewed my paper. To my astonishment, none of them had even seen a sniff of it," Battison wrote in her personal blog. "There was also a small matter of me being credited with a PhD I do not yet have."

Post-mortem on a not-so-groundbreaking report

It was debunked with lightning speed, but last weekend's report of fossilized bacteria being discovered in a meteorite still managed to fool some of the news media some of the time. Says a National Public Radio blog, "the story has become how a marginal scientific journal managed to hook multiple news outlets into jumping feet first into a discovery that wasn't." Also, a recap and analysis from Columbia Journalism Review.

Life in a meteorite? Again?

The skeptics are buzzing about a new report that a NASA scientist has found fossilized microorganisms in a meteorite. Read about the evidence, pro and con, at the Bad Astronomy blog, which includes links to other critiques and comments. Followup post.