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Resource roundup: free and not so free images

Matt Bille

Subscribers to the NASW-Talk list recently had a lively discussion on the ins and outs of finding images — and using them legally. Member Matt Bille summarized the findings for NASW All About Freelancing. Please add to this list. When you find a good source of images, add it in the comments section below, or send it to, with a few words about the site.

Technology: audio recording systems

Jennifer Frazer

NASW member Jennifer Frazer, an award-winning science writer, explores the age-old problem of how to record interviews without losing your quotes, your notes, or your mind.

Resources for hard times

A number of organizations offer financial assistance to professional writers in severe financial distress because of illness, serious career reverses, or other catastrophes that affect their ability to work and earn. This assistance generally takes the form of open-ended, interest-free loans or outright grants to help pay medical bills, rent or mortgage, or other expenses.

Website review: striking simplicity

Freelancer Nancy Allison continues her search for the best writer websites on the Internet. This month, she talks with John Moir about the single-minded strategy of his site, Return of the Condor.

Website review: entrancing entrance

TidePoolsInc screenshot

For her first review of a writer's website, Nancy Allison talks with NASW member Emily Sohn, a versatile science writer with an intriguing site, TidePoolsInc.

The Twitter hashtag for AAAS this year is #aaas09

What's a hashtag, you ask? It's a handy device that allows you to follow a particular event or topic on Twitter. Get set up with Twitter and you can follow your colleagues who are attending the AAAS conference later this week, as well as contribute to the conversation. Get commentary on former vice president Al Gore's talk as it happens, find out where the cool people are meeting for dinner, and much more. Catherine Dold shows you how.

Beyond search engines

Past time for a roundup of a few Web sites particularly useful to freelance science writers, not least because they are all free. All but one, anyway.

A deep reverence for technology

"I can't remember or even imagine having to use a typewriter to do my job . . . " Emma Patten-Hitt writes about the importance in her working life of her e-mail pager, a fast laptop, voice recognition software — but not a Palm.