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From ScienceWriters: A decade of NASW Travel Fellowships to AAAS

NASW 2010 Travel Fellows

The NASW Travel Fellowship to AAAS is one of three signature programs of the NASW Education Committee (together with the NASW Mentoring Program and NASW Internship Fair). The fellow experience includes specialized training and guidance on how to cover a meeting and how to report and structure stories, and several rounds of one-on-one editing by NASW volunteers.

From ScienceWriters: Free tax advice from the IRS comes with a price

ScienceWriters Summer 2017 cover

Taxpayers who make mistakes on their 1040 forms are subject to stiff penalties and interest charges, all nondeductible. Are taxpayers excused from those assessments if they're able to show their reliance on information in the IRS's own publications? Only in whatever kind of life is yet to come.

From ScienceWriters: Pacific Northwest regional PIO conference

Pulitzer Prize winner Jacqui Banaszynski delivering the keynote speech

On April 28, the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (FHCRC), in Seattle, was bustling not only with its usual array of doctors and scientists, but also more than 170 visiting PIOs and science communicators attending an all-day conference hosted by the Northwest Science Writers Association (NSWA).

From ScienceWriters: Fact-checking sites find their way into science

ScienceWriters Summer 2017 cover

It started with outlets like Snopes. Now a French-language site vets science claims, and others may follow. Is this the best way to ensure accuracy?

From ScienceWriters: WCSJ2017 set to bridge global connections

John P. Holdren

The countdown has begun for the 10th World Conference of Science Journalists, in San Francisco (Oct. 26 to 30). Here's an update on what's coming.


ScienceWriters, Summer 2017

Fact-checking sites find their way into science, a report on the Pacific Northwest regional PIO conference, a science writer participates in an NIH study on a baffling medical condition, Mary Roach explains why she rents an office, updates on the 10th World Conference of Science Journalists, and the peril of relying on IRS publications. Full text visible to NASW members only.

From ScienceWriters: New research magazine launched

Seek magazine cover

In March, the Rockefeller University launched Seek, a new research magazine with freelance opportunities for science writers (additional info further down). Although the role of a university's research magazine is to promote its research program, Seek aims also to contribute to larger conversations — about the power of biomedicine, the ethical implications of discovery, and the role of science in society, for instance — in a meaningful way.

From ScienceWriters: Learning about lichens and deep-dive feature reporting

Amy McDermott

Amy McDermott now knows more about lichens than she ever expected to. Her Taylor/Blakeslee Project Fellowship was an introduction to deep-dive feature reporting, a chance to build relationships with U.S. Forest Service heavyweights, and a chance to chase great stories.

From ScienceWriters: World Conference in San Francisco

WCSJ2017 logo

The five-day program for the 10th World Conference of Science Journalists features global issues, research topics and challenges, a chance to learn how science writing is done around the world, and a star-studded cast of headline speakers together with all the classic elements of a ScienceWriters meeting: professional development workshops, networking events, field trips, a pitch slam, and Lunch with a Scientist. The early registration discount ends on August 1.

From ScienceWriters: Conversation and storytelling connects kids with scientists

Science Storytellers participant

Jenny Cutraro writes about her work organizing Science Storytellers, an effort with the American Association for the Advancement of Science to break down barriers and getting children and scientists talking to each other.