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On March 10, at a massive sound stage here in the heart of Los Angeles, Alex Trebek stared down three contestants on the game show "Jeopardy!" The legendary host has presided over the TV show for 31 years, and that day he read off the following clue, which also appeared on a blue screen behind him: This condition has doubled in the last 30 years in U.S. kids & is linked to increased risk for diabetes.

"We moved three times the first 10 years, and, honestly, it posed no hardship because two moves brought us to the vicinity of Washington, D.C., where there’s a large science writing community, as well as lots of writing jobs that generally pay well," Brittany Moya del Pino writes. "However, when we moved to the Hawaiian island of Oahu last summer, the situation was quite different. This is the story of how I’ve been dealing with that difference, which at times was so great that it felt as if I had moved to a foreign country."


ScienceWriters, Summer 2015

A preview of ScienceWriters2015 in Cambridge, Mass., and reviews of WCSJ2015 in Seoul, with the threat of MERS looming and a Nobel laureate making news with his remarks about women; Faye Flam critiques John Bohannon's chocolate diet sting; why every writer should have a letter of final instruction and what needs to be in it; how the Jeopardy television game show makes sure it's getting the science right; and what software is best for organizing a book. Full text visible to NASW members only.