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Grant programs sponsored by NASW and other organizations are listed on this page. If you have a program to list on this page, first create an account and username on our site (if you do not already have one) using the "register" link at the top right of this page. Then send your username and the name of your program to for further instructions.

NASW is pleased to bring you an update from one of our Idea Grant recipients. In 2011, the SciLance Writing Group, LLC received a $43,000 grant to develop a handbook for freelance writers. In a very short time, this committed group of writers recruited contributors, developed a draft, and secured a publishing contract. We are deeply proud of this group and happy that we could fund their enthusiasm, creativity, and initiative to produce a resource that benefits the science writing community.

In the past seven months, the National Association of Science Writers has awarded an additional five Idea Grants, totaling $67,000, bringing the total awarded since the grant program's inception one year ago this month to almost $140,000. Funding is provided by income from the Authors Coalition, and the grants are intended to help science writers in their professional lives or benefit the field of science writing.

Two days remain to apply for the fourth round of NASW Career Grants. Since 2009, we've awarded more than $84,000 to help science writers advance their careers. Details here. Also, the deadline for NASW's Science in Society awards competition is two weeks away. The awards provide recognition — without subsidy from any professional or commercial interest — for investigative or interpretive reporting about the sciences and their impact on society.

The Fund for Investigative Journalism is accepting applications until Nov. 1 for grants to "cover travel and other reporting expenses for investigative stories that otherwise would not be told." Grants average $5,000 and are issued to reporters investigating issues in the United States, especially those relating to governmental accountability, the environment, and local or regional issues with national implications.