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Robert E. Adler

Robert Adler, a California freelancer, says that throughout the history of science, there have been men and women whose curiosity and intellect led them to seek new explanations for the way the universe works. Among those are the privileged few who were the first to glimpse new ideas, break new ground, and make unprecedented discoveries-many of which changed the course of history.

Hasia R. Diner and Beryl Lieff Benderly

The story of Jewish women in America begins in September 1654, and continues, unbroken, to today. In those three-and-a-half centuries, millions of mothers, wives, sisters and daughters have helped build and nourish families, businesses, charitable institutions, synagogues, schools, labor unions, and many other things that enrich and define life in America.

Sally Gregory Kohlstedt, Michael M. Sokal and Bruce V. Lewenstein

From Book News, Inc.: "A comprehensive history of the AAAS, the largest general organization of scientists in America, founded in 1848. Integrated into this broadly chronological account are such issues as public attitudes towards and funding of science, the integration of women and minorities into the sciences, and the role of expert knowledge in a democratic society."