News Release Form: Internet

The text of a news release on a web site should follow the same basic rules as that of a paper news release, including organization, contact information, release date, headline and a concise lead.

In addition, the release web version should be designed to be easily read, without fancy fonts or backgrounds. The release should also include links to additional information, graphics, animation, video, audio and other useful material. Finally, the release should include links to e-mail addresses of public information contacts and, if possible, the principal scientist.

IMPORTANTLY, ANY EMBARGOED MATERIAL POSTED IN ADVANCE ON THE INTERNET IS NO LONGER CONSIDERED EMBARGOED AND MAY BE REPORTED IMMEDIATELY. The exception is embargoed material posted on EurekAlert!, the research news web site of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, or Newswise. On these sites, embargoed material is posted in a password-protected area, accessible only by media who have agreed to honor embargoes.


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