Trade and Professional Publications

Publications in the science and technology "trade" are directed primarily toward scientists, physicians, engineers, pharmacists, or other professional groups. Such publications include newspapers, magazines, news and feature services, bulletins, and newsletters. Some are broad in their coverage; others are highly specialized.

Their needs vary according to frequency of issue, emphasis on news, and their respective special interests. The three-issues-a-week medical newspaper may put some premium on spot news, but generally its deadlines are not as stringent as those of general daily newspapers. It may even publish a month-old announcement as though it had been made yesterday. For the weekly magazine or the monthly bulletin, lead times are greater, and requirements parallel those of comparable publications for lay audiences.

Of course, trade publications, like their general counterparts, are producing web versions that may post news as soon as it is available.

In any case, each trade publication wants to know what is going on in its special field and may cover news of interest in more depth and with more technical detail. Such publications should be serviced with appropriate releases and invited to cover news conferences and meetings along with other media.

The best editorial policy in producing a news release is to include enough detail and depth so that, not only will the lay media be provided with information they need, but technical media will also be well served.


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