Delivery: From Ferrying Warplanes Across Oceans to Bringing Heroic News From A Megaflood

Milton Golin
iUniverse/ASJA Books

Golin, a Chicago editor/publisher, became the first assistant editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association who was not a physician. The youngest of 10 children of Russian immigrants, Golin has had many adventures including flying the Himalayan “hump” as an aviator in Burma and China during World War II. He earned the Air Medal for nine hump missions and campaign ribbons with three bronze battle stars in six theaters of war. He returned to Chicago and in civilian life became an investigative reporter and editor in Chicago, which sometimes was a harrowing as his war service: He covered air crashes, serial murders, childhood and other health disorders, and wartime crises. He has combined his military and journalistic experiences into a roman-à-clef novel. Golin can be reached at 312-944-793 or

February 7, 2011

Drexel University Online