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ENCODE says 80% of our noncoding DNA is doing something, but the real story, brought to us by bloggers, is the scientific dispute over whether that figure is a fantasy. Total change is coming to Discover magazine. Officially there will be no changes with star bloggers like Carl Zimmer, Ed Yong, Phil Plait, and Sean Carroll, Hah. Finally, the end of Jonah Lehrer.

Curiosity's landing on Mars was perfection. Early photos, including the first Mars panorama. Chemistry and geology on Mars. Diabetes blogger sues the state. Which Paleo diet is right for H. sap? The Obesity Paradox: Why do fat diabetics live longer? Zoom through the 3-D universe and blow your mind.

Prominent climate change denier Richard Muller now admits he was wrong (+video). Anthony Watts says global warming is due to lousy placement of weather stations. Several bloggers note that neither paper has been published. Curiosity to land on Mars, maybe. Goodbye Charlie. Jonah Lehrer moves on to fiction, and the psychologizing is piled higher and deeper.

The 2012 Olympics begins today in London, as the 19th International AIDS Conference concludes in Washington. The science and medicine of the Olympics, from brain to brawn: mental prep, swimming, pseudoscience, air pollution, the medal metals, comparing athletes with spectators, and more. Apps for keeping up with the games: iPhone, Android, tablets, TV, and maybe Twitter, which is having trouble staying up. Bone marrow transplants may have cured two more HIV infections. Getting antiviral drugs

UPDATED 11:37 7/21/2012, It's FDA Week! But not in a good way. FDA was revealed to have spied extensively on its scientists and also science journalists and politicians. The agency counterpunched by approving high-profile drugs for preventing HIV infection and promoting weight loss and treating myeloma and breast cancer.. It also banned BPA in baby bottles and sippy cups although there is no BPA in baby bottles and sippy cups.

DNA studies reveal that the First Americans came from Asia in 3 main groups. And then they mingled and merged. The oldest American human remains, from Oregon, are now dated at 14,500 years ago. They are not bones. Tools from this site are different from Clovis, and maybe older. SCOTUSblog presents a tick-tock explaining how and why CNN and Fox News messed up the Supreme Court's Obamacare decision so badly. Is "Obamacare" a dirty word?

New record for retractions from a single author: 172. 13% of retractions come from anesthesiologists: Is there something in the air? The Higgs boson: Theology, epistemology, pedagogy, multimedia, and science writing. Sidebar on Jonah Lehrer, Malcolm Gladwell, and how to avoid accidental plagiarism.

CNN and Fox News declare Obamacare unconstitutional. But the US Supreme Court says the Affordable Care Act is constitutional after all, flabbergasting many. Prognostication's sorry record. The taxing politics of Obamacare; will people pay the penalty rather than buy medical insurance? Now it's up to the states, and some of them will decline to expand Medicaid. The law's impact on medical research is likely to generate ideas for science and medical writers. And in other news, more Higgs boson

The Jonah Lehrer Story: a whale of a tale of adaptive reuse gone wrong. How to make recycling your writing kosher. Did Lehrer plagiarize Malcom Gladwell, or did they both make use of William Goldman? Also: Black bears can count too, sort of. Also: Whooeee, the Higgs boson is back! And the buzz is that this time the Higgs is really real.

Gut feeling about the first papers from the Human Microbiome Project. Bacteria, fungi, etc.: Discovering the 90% of Us that is Them. Genetic manipulation of the mitochondrion: On the slippery slope to human genetic engineering? The Bonobo Genome Project is published. Next stop, World Peace?