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 Best articles from Climate Science Forum  (2002 to 2015)
        I founded Climate Science Forum to deliver the latest findings on the science of climate change and natural climate behavior in plain language.
            A few of the articles at this link are:
     "Ozone Hole formed over the Arctic for the First Time" (2011)
    "Narwhal whales recruited to monitor climate in deep polar waters” (2010)
    “Large part of climate change is deemed irreversible” (2009)
    “What climate prediction models still cannot do: an expert speaks out” (2002)

Climate Change and the Woodsman
        Northwest forests suffer from insect infestations and drought brought on by recent warmer, drier summers - a result of thinning snowpack in the mountains (by Michael Fortune and Philip Mote, Northwest Woodlands, Spring 2010.)

Book review of “Global Warming: Myth or Reality? by Marcel Leroux
        Leroux's book has two purposes – to build a climatology on the concept of “mobile polar highs,” and to assert that the atmospheric greenhouse effect has no role in current climate change. (M. Fortune’s review of the book in Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, vol. 88, 89-92, Jan. 2007)

News, Oregon Climate Change Research Institute  written by Michael A. Fortune (Spring 2010).
        “New fungal infection spreads in the Northwest"
        "Elevated CO2 levels alter biochemistry of food webs"
        "Western U.S. climate impacts"
        "Climate Reanalysis datasets: are they really of climate Quality?"

Fenomeno Catarina: the South Atlantic’s First Hurricane?
        The first known hurricane in the South Atlantic Ocean caused havoc on Brazil's coast and astonished meteorologists around the world. (By M. Rusticucci and Michael A. Fortune, State of the Climate 2004: Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, vol. 86, S-30, June 2005).

A Warrior's Footprint on the Planet 
        Q: How much of the planet is used to support me, in the life style to which I am accustomed?
        A: The footprint of an American living in the U.S. was 24 acres, the highest value per-person on the planet.
        A: Every two weeks my actions add another ton of CO2 to the atmosphere.

        (from The Bullskin, May 2008, Mankind Project, Washington, DC, p. 8-9).

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