Here is what readers have said about The Empty Room:



"This book is truly a miracle....intimate and personal yet based in solid reporting and research. If you've lost a sibling or know someone who has, this is the book to get."


"I lost my 21-year-old brother to a drug overdose last year, and have been looking for months for book I could relate to. This was it."


"DeVita-Raeburn has a wonderful way of putting into words so much of what I have been feeling over the years regarding these losses - and how these losses have shaped the person I am now. I can't begin to tell you how nice it was to read that others had the same thoughts and fears as I do."


"I picked this book up at the local library and could not put it down. I have also survived the loss of a sibling and could relate in every word that Ms. Raeburn wrote... I give Ms. DeVita-Raeburn more than 5 stars for understanding what it was that I went through and still live so many years later."

"I have read a great deal of sibling loss books since the death of my brother, and none have echoed my feelings more clearly. It is written with incredible insight and courage, and is a must read for anyone who has suffered the loss of a sibling, or knows someone who has."