Jim Kling

Science and Medical Writer
Bellingham, WA


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I am a freelance writer with over a decade of experience writing about topics ranging from biotechnology, to astrophysics, to archeology.

My credits include WebMD, The Washington Post, Scientific American, Technology Review, Science Magazine, and even newsletters of the Harvard Business School.

I also occasionally write science fiction and have had three short pieces published in Nature, one of which was selected for inclusion in a book compilation called Futures From Nature (Amazon, Powell's).

I started out as a chemist before jumping headlong into a career as a freelance writer. To read more, check out my career path.

Over 15 years of experience
  • Reporting, Science Writing
  • News, Features, Columns, Press Releases
  • specialties include Chemistry, Biology, and Medicine
  • Science Magazine
  • Scientific American
  • WebMD
  • Technology Review
  • The Washington Post