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What Time is it? The Correct Time for the Eastern Time Zone is:
Clock requires Netscape Live broadcast of the USNO Master Clock Voice Announcer!
This clock only works with Netscape, but if you have RealPlayer software, you can listen to a "live" broadcast of the US Naval Observatory Master Clock Voice Announcer!
Go get RealPlayer!
This current time update has been brought to you by the Directorate of Time at the United States Naval Observatory.  
The clock only runs for 10 seconds and, since it is coming from the USNO Master Clock Web server, may not show every passing second if there is a lot of network congestion.
To start the clock again, click the Correct Time menu button or reload the page by clicking your browser's reload or refresh button. (Control-R in Netscape also works.)
Want one like it for your home page? Visit the U.S. Naval Observatory Master Clock.
last modified February 3, 2000