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Monk Parakeet Project

I'm currently doing research for a book about Monk Parakeets, also called Quaker Parakeets or Quaker Parrots. These South American natives were imported for the pet trade until CITES banned exotic animal imports.

Over the past 30 years, by accident, and sometimes by design, groups of Monks have been released to the wild and in several areas of the county. In many cases, they seem to be establishing themselves as permanent residents.

Unfortunately, there have been few studies of the North American Monks, which is why I haven't been able to write a book yet. But there are some studies underway and I've also established Monkparakeet.com as a tool for gathering and exchanging information about the current distribution and population numbers of the Monks.

At this writing, my intention for the book is to explore the biological and social nature of these unique members of the South American parrot family, and investigate the economic and ecological impact of feral Monk colonies in the United States.


last modified February 3, 2000