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Leslie Mertz
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An experienced freelance writer, editor and consultant


Leslie Mertz is an experienced environmental, science, technology, medical and general writer who has written for nonprofit institutions and organizations, for businesses, and for numerous magazines as well as publishing outlets. She has also authored nine books, co-authored a 10th, and written a wide variety of articles and chapters for additional books. Projects have included:

  • articles for magazines, newsletters and other publications
  • web content and webpage design
  • writing, editing and full publication management of brochures, newsletters, magazines and annual reports
  • written materials directed toward consumers (from adults to children), scientists or other specific audiences
  • attendance at and coverage of regional and national conferences for organizational websites and for magazines.

    Science and Technology Writing As a freelance writer, Mertz has written for nonprofit institutions and organizations, for commercial enterprises, for various magazines and other publications, and for publishing outlets. Using her knowledge of science and her years of experience as a writer and editor for a major research university and in newspapers, she is able to create engaging articles from technical material, from interviews with scientists, IT specialists and medical professionals, and from her attendance at conferences and meetings. She has written articles in nearly every scientific field and on a wide range of technology topics, and for every audience from the lay public to scientific and other targeted groups. She produces articles for printed publications, web content and press releases, as well as entire newsletters, brochures, booklets, magazines, annual reports and book chapters. Samples of her work are available here. She will also provide additional samples on request.  


    Environmental Writing

    Mertz's academic background is in both communication and in biological sciences, which gives her particular insight into environmental and ecological topics. In addition, she is a field-biology instructor for two Michigan universities, and teaches summer courses to undergraduate and graduate students, and in-service science teachers. She has written extensively on invertebrate and vertebrate animals for a major publisher, has authored five books and co-authored a sixth on animals, has written chapters for a major high-school biology textbook, and has written scores of other articles covering such topics as animal behavior, conservation, ecosystem management, evolution, ecology, and many others. Samples of her environmental work are available here.


    General Writing

    A former newspaper reporter and editor, and freelance writer for commercial clients, Mertz has considerable experience writing business, lifestyle, and all manner of general-topic articles. For a food-services client, for example, her articles have covered such topics as restaurant staffing, menu development and pricing, upselling, stress management, and customer service. Samples are available on request.


    Medical Writing

    Mertz's background in biology and her experience at a research university have made her well-suited to medical writing. She is particularly adept at translating highly technical research findings into interesting and accurate copy that is understandable by non-medical scientists as well as the lay public, including patients and care-givers. Mertz has also covered medical research conferences and from the sessions, drafted articles that not only describe the work but also its implications for the future of medical care. Samples of her medical writing are available here.


    Additional Editorial Services

    Clients often seek out Leslie Mertz for her ability to translate complex scientific subjects into understandable and engaging printed and online copy for various scientific, medical and lay audiences. Her editorial services include:

    • Feature article writing for magazines and newsletters
    • Web content
    • Project management - inception to completion of brochures, booklets, newsletters, magazines, annual reports and other publications
    • Copy writing for fact sheets, brochures, newsletters and other publications
    • Editorial consultation
    • Marketing consultation
    • Publication management. She has worked on many publications from concept to completion. This includes a science magazine and several other magazines, newsletters, booklets and brochures for a major research university. In many instances, she has helped clients to envision and initiate new marketing efforts, and has then taken responsibility for ensuring their completion and their quality.

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