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Victims of Memory
Table Of Contents

Foreword by Melody Gavigan

Introduction: Victims of Memory, An Overview

Chapter 1:  How to Become a Survivor
The Horror of Real Incest ~ The Search for Lost Memories ~ The Courage to Accuse ~ Other Survivor Literature ~ Emotional Incest ~ Men Can Be Survivors, Too ~ A Textbook for Memory Invention ~ The Academics ~ Ritual Abuse and Multiple Personalities ~ Entering the Mainstream: "The Terrible Truth"

Chapter 2:  The Memory Maze
Reconstructing the Past ~ Psychological Turf Wars ~ Repression: For and Against ~ "Proof" for Repression ~ Lenore Terr: Story-Time ~ Miss America and Other Famous Victims ~ Elizabeth Loftus: "That Woman" ~ Wilder Penfield, Karl Lashley, and the Search for the Engram ~ Implicit and State-Dependent Memory ~ Neuroscience and Repressed Memories ~ The Connectionist Computer Model ~ Memory Palaces and Haunted Houses ~ Infantile Amnesia and Preverbal Abuse ~ Common-Sense Conclusions

Chapter 3:  How to Believe the Unbelievable
Hypnosis: Memory Prod or Production? ~ Age Regression: Let's Pretend ~ Past Lives and Unidentified Flying Fantasies ~ Facilitated Communication and the Human Ouija Board ~ Dream Work ~ Sleep Paralysis ~ Flashbacks or Visions? ~ Body Memories and Panic Attacks ~ Symptoms: Pickle Aversion and Eating Disorders ~ Drugs ~ Cognitive Dissonance and Group Contagion ~ The Contexts of Insanity

Chapter 4:  Multiple Personalities and Satanic Cults
Sybil and Her Traumatized Alters ~ Ralph Allison's New Frontier ~ James Friesen's Multiple Demons ~ Diagnosing the Elusive Multiple ~ Manufacturing MPD ~ Dissociative Disorder Units: Terror in the MPD Mills ~ Dissociation and the Absent-Minded Professor ~ Grade Fives, Temporal Lobe Spikes, and Personality ~ Satan's Minions ~ A Warning from Thigpen and Cleckley

Chapter 5:  The Therapists
Sam Holden, Christian Counselor ~ Janet Griffin, MSW ~ Horace Stone, Minister/Counselor ~ Leslie Watkins, PhD, Clinical Psychologist ~ Charlotte Halpern, Psychiatrist ~ Jason Ransom, Body Worker ~ Katherine Hylander, Past Life Hypnotherapist ~ Sally Bixby, Psychotherapist ~ Robin Newsome, Retractor Therapist

Chapter 6:  The Survivors
Virginia Hudson, Incest Survivor (Letter) ~ Susan Ramsey, Incest Survivor ~ Diane Schultz, Incest Survivor ~ Frieda Maybry, Ritual Abuse Survivor ~ Patricia Delaney, Survivor and Lawyer ~ Angela Bergeron, Multiple Personality Survivor ~ Elaine Pirelli, Survivor Who Remembered Being Impregnated ~ Melinda Couture, Sexual Abuse Survivor and Wife of Accused Father ~ Sally Hampshire, Incest Survivor Who Has Always Remembered

Chapter 7:  The Accused
Hank and Arlene Schmidt, Accused Parents, and Frank Schmidt, Their Son ~ Bob Sculley, Accused Father ~ Julia Hapgood, Wife of Accused ~ Dr. Aaron Goldberg, Accused Father ~ Joe Simmons, Accused Father ~ Gloria Harmon, Accused Mother ~ Bart Stafford, Accused Sibling ~ Rhonda and Paul Hallisey, Accused by Facilitated Communication

Chapter 8:  The Retractors
Olivia McKillop, Retractor ~ Laura Pasley, Retractor ~ Maria Granucci, Retractor ~ Leslie Hannegan, Christian Retractor ~ Nell Charette, "MPD" Retractor ~ Stephanie Krauss, Retractor from a Psychiatric Hospital ~ Robert Wilson, Retractor

Chapter 9:  And A Little Child Shall Lead Them (And Be Led)
McMartin: the First Day-Care Scandal ~ Research on Suggestibility ~ Abusing Kids in Outer Space and Other Allegations ~ The Fells Acres Nightmare ~ The Rape of the Souza Family ~ Believing the Children ~ Peggy Buckey's Post-traumatic Stress

Chapter 10:  A Brief History: The Witch Craze, Reflex Arcs, and Freud's Legacy
The Witch Craze ~ Demons ~ The Nerve Doctors and the "Hysterics" ~ Hypnotism ~ Charcot's Circus ~ Freud's Mental Extractions ~ Did Freud Lead His Patients? ~ Multiple Personalities ~ Emil Kraepelin and His Patient

Chapter 11:  Why Now?
A Nation in Search of a Disease ~ Victims All ~ Pop Therapy ~ The Frantic Pursuit of Happiness and the Boomers ~ Psychics and Exorcists ~ The Women's Movement ~ Politically Correct Excesses ~ The Fragmentation of the Family ~ Righting Wrongs ~ Media Madness and Sexual Schizophrenia ~ A Concluding Note

Chapter 12:  Survivorship as Religion
The Substitute Faith ~ Defining Religion ~ Conversion ~ Ecstatic Religion and the Possessed Shaman ~ Minirth-Meier and the Christian Hunt for Memories ~ Rage and the Worship of Self ~ Bradshaw: The Evangelist of Dysfunction ~ Saving the World ~ Survivorship as Sect ~ Seeing Cults Everywhere ~ Constant Rage Can't Last

Chapter 13:  Conclusions and Recommendations
The Scope of the Problem ~ The Backlash: Whose Back? Whose Lash? ~ Who's in Denial Now? ~ Circling the Wagons ~ Avoiding the Truth Trap ~ "Moderates" and Other Therapists ~ Holding Therapists Responsible ~ Where the Money Is ~ Therapists Facing the Future: "Flocks of Edgy Birds" ~ The Hazards and Uses of Therapy ~ The Verdict on Repressed Memories ~ How to Tell True from Illusory Memories ~ When a Friend Remembers ~ A Hug Is Not Sex Abuse ~ Humans Are Resilient ~ Crying Wolf ~ Unwanted Bedfellows ~ Legal and Professional Recommendations ~ To Parents, Children, and Therapists

Appendix: Myths & Realities

Selected Bibliography

Notes on the Author:
Investigative journalist Mark Pendergrast spent over three years researching and writing Victims of Memory . His 1993 history, For God, Country and Coca-Cola , was named a Notable Book of the Year by The New York Times . A Harvard graduate, Pendergrast lives in New England. To send a message to the author, MarkP@nasw.org.

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