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I am a journalist, science writer and historian with an illustrious career in journalism and in public affairs for world-renowned educational institutions. My awards have ranged from sharing a Pulitzer Prize to writing the Best Children’s Science Book award.
I have taught journalism and science journalism at Stanford University and at two University of California campuses, have done corporate histories, consulted and written two definitive works of non-fiction. I am science writer emeritus at Stanford University.

Pulitzer Prize (1979) - Local Reporting shared as member of the team and as one of three lead writers in coverage of
     Three Mile Island, The Philadelphia Inquirer.
National Endowment for the Humanities (1979-1980) - Professional Journalism, Stanford University (Knight Fellowship).
Best Children’s Science Book (1979) - Jupiter, The Star That Failed, National Association of Science Teachers.
Aviation & Space Writers Award (1976 & 1977)
Mott Education Writers Award (1978) - Second Place


The Tides of Newtok, How Global Warming is Changing Life in Alaska and Why Everybody Else Better Pay Attention, in process.

Broken Genius: A Biography of William B. Shockley (Macmillan 2007, paperback 2008)

Incredible Voyage: Exploring the Human Body, National Geographic Society (chapter, co-authored), 1998

Pixel Power: A History of Evans & Sutherland

Am I Crazy or is My Shrink: Finding the Help I Need, Oxford University Press, 1998. [Trade paper: A Consumers Guide
     to Psychotherapy]

Terman’s Kids; How the Gifted Grow Up, Little, Brown, 1992

Critical Choices: A Consumer’s Guide to Intensive Care, W.H. Freeman, 1988 [Paperback 1990].

Engines of the Mind: A History of the Computer, W.W. Norton, 1984; Washington Square Press, 1985. Japanese edition, 1989. Second edition, trade paperback, Norton, 1996.

The Invisible Fire: The Eradication of Smallpox, G. Putnam’s Sons, 1979. [Reissued by iUniverse 2002]

Helix (fiction, co-authored), W.W. Norton, 1979, Pocket Books, 1981.

Jupiter, The Star That Failed, Westminster Press, 1978.

Update: Report on Planet Earth, Westminster Press, 1977.


I have been published in scores of magazines through the years, most recently in the November edition of Scientific American Mind.


Snedden Chair in Journalism, University of Alaska Fairbanks (2007-2008)

Institute for Physical Science, senior writer (2006-2007)

Staff reporter (part-time) Baltimore Jewish Times (2004)

Senior Editor, HopkinsHealth, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, 2000-2003

Freelance writer, 1993-1999

Contributing Editor, Interactive Age.

Science writer emeritus, Stanford University News Service, 1980-1993

Lecturer in Communication, Stanford University 1980-84

Founder, science journalism internship program, Stanford University, 1982-93

Visiting Lecturer, Journalism, University of California at Santa Cruz, 1984, 1986. Lecturer UC Berkeley 1985

Science Specialist, KRON-TV, San Francisco, 1984.

Drexel Fellow, Drexel University, Philadelphia, 1984.

Science writer, editor, The Philadelphia Inquirer, 1971-1980.

National correspondent, editor, Reuters, New York, 1968-71


Oracle Corp., Redwood Shores, Calif.

Evans & Sutherland Computer Corp., Salt Lake City, Utah

American Heart Association

Koret Foundation

Authors Guild
National Association of Science Writers (Executive Board, 1993-2002)- founding chairman
Freelance Committee


Emory University, Atlanta, B.A., Humanities