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Sally James has written for print and web audiences ranging from worried parents to potential donors for medical research. She has described fibromylagia, thoracic outlet syndrome, graft vs. host disease, as well as how parents can expect their teens to adjust to high school. Whether explaining emotions or the replication of DNA, she is comfortable describing what is complex, subtle or misunderstood. Her reporting always tries to include differences of opinion, and she's written for occupational injury insurers and lawyers where differences are counted in the millions of dollars.

Sally, based in Seattle, traces her curiosity about the internal to being the baby in an Oregon family of hunters.

"My eldest brother used to give me guided tours of the gizzards of his pheasants," she recalls.

Lessons about human insides came during a Northwest newspaper career covering police, politics and medicine. She has attended autopsies, surgeries and even stayed awake to watch her own knee repair. She edited a newsletter about how work contributes to disease, Issues of Injury. Her writing has appeared at websites, including and, as well as in local magazines, including Seattle, ParentMap and Washington CEO.

Date last updated: 4/2/09