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How two great physicists fundamentally recast the notion of time and history:

The Quantum Labyrinth:
How Richard Feynman and John Wheeler Revolutionized Time and Reality

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Paul Halpern is Professor of Physics at the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia. A prolific author, he has written sixteen science books and numerous articles. His interests range from space, time and higher dimensions to cultural aspects of science. The recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship, Fulbright Scholarship, and an Athenaeum Literary Award, he has appeared on C-SPAN, the History Channel, the Discovery Channel, the PBS series "Future Quest," and "The Simpsons 20th Anniversary Special."

Halpern's books include Time Journeys, Cosmic Wormholes, The Cyclical Serpent, Faraway Worlds, The Great Beyond, Brave New Universe, What's Science Ever Done for Us?, Collider, What's the Matter with Pluto?, Edge of the Universe, Einstein's Dice and Schrödinger's Cat, The Quantum Labyrinth and:

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The Epic Quest to Understand the Quantum Nature of Cause and Effect

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  • Paul Halpern brings the full story of these men to life in a brilliant way...Feynman's contributions to the development of quantum field theory...are not only covered, they're explained in gloriously in-depth and simultaneously comprehensible fashion...Well-researched, well-written, and highly accessible.
    —Forbes/ Starts with a Bang!