Norman Bauman
411 W. 54 St. Apt. 2D
New York, NY 10019
(212) 977-3223

Summary: Freelance journalist with over 20 years experience writing news about medicine, business, law, science and technology.

What I do best:

  • Writing news stories from medical journals, meetings, and enterprise reporting.
  • Calling doctors, nurses, scientists, CEOs, marketing VPs, or lawyers, and getting them to tell me, in simple English, what they think, what they do, and what it means to my readers.
  • Interviewing. I am an excellent interviewer, particularly when I have to get an answer on an important, complicated scientific controversy. I learned how to do it from the Apology of Socrates.

I wrote the best story ever written on text search engines.

Here's my AMWA directory listing with a structured list of my specialties and publications.

I publish a free email newsletter for about 600 medical writers, of meeting announcements, meeting reports, and job tips. I've used the Internet to develop a network that includes some of the best medical writers in the world. I'm happy to pass on your job offers to them.

I also help beginners write medical stories. I seem to be a good teacher. One of my proteges had a book on the New York Times best-seller list for months.

Yes, I make mistakes.

Medical writing includes:


Medical Post

Canadian newspaper for doctors.

Typical story: Cushing's disease one of hardest to diagnose



London-based medical publisher of urology books. I wrote articles and meeting reports for their physician web sites and (registration required).


Urology Times

Clinical newspaper for urologists. You can search for my name and find my articles on

One of my specialties is molecular biology. Here is an introductory explanation and here are some stories.


Medical Outcomes & Guidelines Alert

Faulkner & Gray newsletter covering outcomes and evidence-based medicine.

I reported on studies like the AHCPR report comparing newer and older antidepressive drugs, and evaluated their scientific validity. I learned about outcomes research and evidence-based medicine. I did a better job than the New York Times. Here's why. I learned a lot about reading medical literature critically from the editor of The Lancet at a Columbia Journalism School conference.


World News

Clinical newspaper sponsored by the American Academy of Ophthalmology

Typical story: "Early surgery or medication for glaucoma?"


Journal of Clinical
Laser Medicine
& Surgery
I wrote for doctors, nurses, hospital administrators and laser manufacturers.

I wrote about surgical techniques, new technology, safety, companies, business and administration.

Typical stories: "Laser Drape Fires: How Much of a Risk?" "LMSN Guide to buying a CO2 laser: Price and service, not technology, are keys"


Medical Tribune
Clinical, legal and practice-oriented stories.

Specialty: Computers in small primary practices. Also: AIDS, cardiology, cancer, biotech, STDs, malpractice and right to die.

Typical stories: "Computer tracks aging receivables," "Combination curbs condylomas."


Associate editor on staff of $497-a-year McGraw-Hill newsletter covering the science and business of genetic engineering for top executives.

My stories followed the product development cycle--patents, financing, R&D, manufacturing and marketing.

Typical story: "Dupont buys IL-1 [interleukin-1] Technology"

Other medical magazines include:

Medical World News, American Health, HealthWeek, Genetic Engineering News, Bio/Technology, Oncology Times.

Business, legal and computer writing includes:


Law Office
Using case histories, I told lawyers what, besides WordPerfect and Lexis, would save them time and get better results.

I wrote the best story ever written on text search programs: Text retrieval: How to use and abuse search programs. If you know of a better story, let me know. Also in that series: Data bases made easy--or hard, and Streamlining Discovery with Computers


I told personal injury attorneys how to settle cases and when to go to court. Typical story: "Chiropractor witnesses: Can't get no respect--or can they?"


Printing News I wrote about business, sales, marketing and technology. I covered meetings, profiled companies, and told printers what their customers were thinking.
Others include: New Scientist, Business Insurance, Supermarket News, Electrical Marketing.