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Helping Scientists to Communicate


Beth Schachter, PhD, offers individual consulting and coaching for biomedical and life scientists who want to develop their leadership, managerial, or team building skills. Beth gives critical support to academic researchers moving into positions of greater authority, providing them the needed edge to make an efficient and successful transition. Similarly, she works with scientists who are leaving academia, helping them chart their next career move. Working with Beth, clients improve their self-awareness and then start tackling the professional challenges they face.


Academic scientists and physicians moving into division/department head roles

Academic faculty moving into deanships

Postdoctoral fellows and newly minted PhDs needing to make their next career move

Junior or senior scientists planning a move away from academia


As Beth's client you will be introduced to a range of successful strategies and useful resources for professional growth. In addition, you will have the opportunity to develop greater self-accountability and self-acceptance, which can help you as you take on new professional roles or adapt to new professional settings.

When it's time to advance in your academic setting, if you work with Beth, you learn to:

Build a cohesive, interactive team

Become a mentor rather than a micromanager

Promise only what you can deliver, then deliver your best effort

Balance time spent envisioning the future and time spent organizing the present

Take optimal advantage of the resources at you disposal

When its time to leave academic science, if you hire Beth to help you decide on the new path to follow, you learn to:

Conduct a self-assessment that reveals skills, strengths, and passions that you may have discounted, which can help you chart your new course

Identify educational and training options, and assess the cost-benefit ratio of them for fulfilling your professional goals

Learn the self-accountability needed for making steady progress in exploring new career options

Discover a wide array of resources and professional organizations relating to your target professional fields

Are you as professionally successful as you could be?

"Having successfully made some significant career moves, I know the challenges of navigating such changes. I also know that you can lessen the stress and add some exhilaration to the process of career development and change if you work with a consultant/coach who understands the profession in which you are advancing or that your are joining.

If you can't answer a confident 'Yes' to the following six questions now, I can help you change that."

— Beth Schachter

1. Are you contributing to your profession?

2. Do you make good use of the resources around you?

3. Do you successfully prioritize your professional commitments and then honor them in a timely fashion?

4. Are you effective as a mentor and/or mentee?

5. In your work, do you get to play to your strengths along with trying to improve on your deficits?

6. Is the work you do in harmony with your professional goals?

If it's time to make some changes so that you can answer these questions affirmatively, contact Beth. She offers one hour of consultation for free. Then you can sign up for weekly or bi-weekly 30-minute or one-hour conversations, with e-mail communications in between.

Often a great deal of problem solving can take place in a few consultation sessions with Beth. Give her a call.

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