"It is a pleasure to work with Beth. She is a gifted writer with the ability to accurately and adequately explain challenging concepts, whether to scientific or lay audiences . . ."

Regina Vidaver, PhD
Executive Director
National Lung Cancer Partnership

Science Writing

Helping to Communicate Science

Beth Schachter, PhD, can work with you on writing projects that engage and inform diverse audiences about topics in biomedicine. Whether you need a narrative of a biomedical conference, an articulation of your institution's strategic plan, a background text to accompany a policy report or a profile of a prominent researcher, Beth collaborates with you to achieve your goals.

A former principal investigator and head of an academic research lab, Beth grasps the complexities of scientific processes. Combining this expertise with her innate curiosity and friendliness, she quickly gains the trust of those she interviews. Then, as an experienced communicator, she produces a compelling account, organizing the details around the main science story in order to engage and educate your audience.

Subject Areas

Biological and biomedical work in progress

The outcomes and products generated by life science and biomedicine

Scientific conflicts and conundrums — including those that are ethical, procedural, practical and economic

Profiles of the people involved in the science


Medical school and university administrators

Not-for-profit executive directors and program directors

Government science administrators

Pharmaceutical and biotechnology executives


Multi-investigator grant proposals — overview and general sections

Reports of scientific meetings

Scientific white papers

Review and trend articles

Opinion pieces

Expert panel reports

Strategic plans


Scholarly magazines and journals

Science and biomedical Web sites

Institutional newsletters from academic/biomedical research institutions

Government and private philanthropic granting sources

Meeting Reviews and Feature Articles

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