"Beth's presentations were lively and filled with nuggets of wisdom that were clearly delineated and easy to apply."

Sandra K. Masur, PhD
Associate Dean for Faculty Development
President, Women Faculty Group
Mount Sinai School of Medicine


Helping Scientists to Communicate

Seminars/Workshops on Writing
for Publication and Grant-Writing

Beth Schachter, PhD, gives her "Writing for Publication" and "Strategies and Tactics of NIH & NSF Grant Writing" seminars/workshops at medical and veterinary schools, universities, government research institutes, biotechnology institutes and healthcare product research laboratories. The programs give scientists plans and tools for getting their research findings published and proposals funded.

In "Writing for Publication,"
program attendees learn:

How to decide what and when to publish

How to choose and target the right journal and editor

How to organize and manage the writing process, from outlining ideas to polishing the final draft

Tips on style and mechanics of writing

How to avoid and treat writer's block

How to appeal to editors and reviewers

Tips on adapting to the U.S. culture of peer-to-peer science communication

In "Strategies and Tactics of NIH & NSF Grant Writing,"
program attendees learn:

NIH and NSF: What types of grants does each agency fund

NIH versus NSF: Their different missions, mechanisms for grant evaluation, and funding decisions

Planning and drafting your research grant proposal

Tips on good writing

Tips on effective use of graphic elements in the proposal

How it Works

Beth tailors her program to the specific needs of clients. The progam typically starts with one or more on-site seminars, open to audiences of any size. Seminars are framed around the subject area of the attendees and can include working on participants' manuscripts-in-progress to illustrate how text and graphics could be improved.

Seminars are usually followed by interactive workshops for a limited number of participants. In the workshops, participants practice using some of the strategies and tips presented during the seminar for improving various aspects of their writing.


By empowering your researchers to communicate more effectively, this program can help your institution in several ways:

Publication of well-written articles in respected journals enhances your institution's reputation among faculty, potential external collaborators, trainee recruits, alumni, possible funding sources and the broader public.

By permanently improving your faculty and staff members' writing skills, you also increase their ability to communicate as speakers, when interviewed and when communicating to colleagues.

Strengthening the interdisciplinary communication skills among scholars and researchers will boost broader positive awareness of your group within your institution.

Offering your researchers access to these seminars or workshops demonstrates that you care about the career development of your scientists, which helps with retention of talented investigators.



Grant-writing seminar, tailored for NIH, NSF or other governmental or private funding agencies

Platform and poster presentation



Medical, veterinary, and dental schools

Pharmaceutical company preclinical research divisions

Biotechnology firms

Independent Research Facilities

Selected Seminar and Workshop Clients