It is a pleasure to work with Dr. Beth Schachter. She is a gifted writer with the ability to accurately and adequately explain challenging concepts, whether to scientific or lay audiences. She is intelligent, creative and quick-thinking, ensuring that projects are of the highest quality. I whole-heartedly recommend her.

Regina Vidaver, PhD
Executive Director
National Lung Cancer Partnership

[I appreciate Beth Schachter's] efforts in organizing and writing the Blue Ribbon Panel report on NIMH this past spring. I've worked with numerous professional writers on similar projects over the years and never before encountered someone with her skills, energy and consummate accomplishment. She has a gift of devotion.

Solomon Snyder, MD
Professor of Neuroscience
The Solomon H. Snyder Department of Neuroscience
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Beth's work with our junior faculty has been astonishingly effective. She has managed to refocus career paths and aid in grant preparation in an efficient and practical fashion. Feedback has been universally positive.

Charles Lockwood, MD
Chairman and Professor, Dept. of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Yale University School of Medicine

My first reaction to the thought of a grant writing coach was, "I already know how to write, and what's the big deal in reading and responding to study section reviews?" Then I met with Beth Schachter for an initial consultation, and I came away very impressed. For one thing, she listens. Getting me to talk through my thoughts and ideas, she helped me clarify them. She probes and allows no vagueness. Soon a free-ranging discussion was turning into notes, then a timeline and a bulleted checklist of items to address before our next consultation.

But most important of all, she initiated a discussion of the bigger picture -- how was this grant going to be part of an overall strategy to obtain project funding and where would it fit in terms of career moves? It was a bracing dose of reality: encouraging and motivating at the same time. I definitely recommend it!

Harris Huberman MD MPH
Director, Division of Child Development
Department of Pediatrics
SUNY Downstate, University Hospital of Brooklyn

Beth Schachter gave two presentations to our Faculty Development Program: "Getting Your Work Published" and "Getting Down to Business: Writing for Publication." The importance of these topics to faculty and post-doctoral fellows was demonstrated by the overflow, standing-room-only size of the audience.

Her presentations were lively and filled with nuggets of wisdom that were clearly delineated and easy to apply. The evaluation forms asked, "Would you recommend this speaker to colleagues and students?" The answers were unanimous: "Yes!" "Definitely!" "Absolutely!"

Sandra K. Masur, PhD
Associate Dean for Faculty Development
President, Women Faculty Group
Mount Sinai School of Medicine

[I was glad to] participate in discussions around the article ["The Explosive Science of RNAi" in Update Magazine]. I like it very much and I think I will use its structure for seminars related to teaching RNAi or providing "historic" overviews.

Thomas Tuschl, PhD
Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Laboratory of RNA Molecular Biology
The Rockefeller University

I am impressed by the depth of Beth's write-up [of my talk at the NYAS] and the clarity and ease with which she makes scientific information accessible to lay people.
Wei Yang, PhD
Section Chief, Structure and Mechanism Laboratory of Molecular Biology

[I thank Beth for her] wonderful piece [an eBriefing for NYAS] on our work. It is clearly written and captures the main points that I covered in my talk.

Danesh Moazed, PhD, Professor
Department of Cell Biology
Harvard Medical School

We needed to increase both the quality and efficiency of our scientific reporting. I'm glad we found Beth and Chris of the Still Point team. They were careful to understand our needs, and they did a fantastic job of connecting to the diverse individuals in our research team. Beth and Chris gave candid and constructive advice about teamwork, management clarity and writing. The scientists' feedback was uniformly positive. Reporting is up more than 50%.

Peter Kaplan, PhD
Director of Measurement Science
Unilever R&D

Beth Schachter's rare combination of creativity and common sense was indispensable in helping to organize our new Center for Cardiovascular Research.

Richard N. Kitsis, MD
Dorros Professor of Medicine and Cell Biology
Director, Center for Cardiovascular Research
Albert Einstein College of Medicine

When I was an editor at Folio: Beth wrote an article for the magazine about open access versus traditional models of scientific publishing. It was gracefully written, well researched and extremely interesting. Beth graciously took criticism and requests for additional information and rewrites completely in stride. I highly recommend her.

Pam Black
Editor in Chief
Bank Investment Consultant

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