Polls open for voting on two amendments

Members have the opportunity to vote on two proposed amendments to the NASW bylaws, either in person at the October 13 meeting in Washington, DC or online via proxy. NASW is an organization of volunteers and members that directly reflects your input, and we strongly encourage all members to review the proposals and vote.


One proposed amendment would change the qualifications for someone to serve as an NASW officer, and the other would revise the number of signatures necessary to put forth a proposed amendment. An FAQ is here. Thank you very much for taking the time to review these proposals, which you can read in full, along with supporting materials and comments, at nasw.org/signatureamendment2018 and nasw.org/officeramendment2018.

We encourage you to discuss these issues with other members via Twitter, Facebook, the NASW Discussion Groups, or in the comments sections of the NASW webpages (viewable only by members) here or where the individual proposals are posted. We also encourage you to reach out offline to other members you know, and/or join us at the business meeting. Please remember that there are humans on the other side of the electrons, maintain a civil discourse, and conduct conversations that respect our community's shared values.


Vote in Person

NASW Annual Business Meeting
Saturday, October 13
7:30-8:15 am
Grand Ballroom
Cloyd Heck Marvin Center
800 21st St. NW
Washington, D.C. 20052

The meeting is open to all current NASW members, though only non-student members may vote. You may register your proxy online ahead of time or vote in person. Coffee and a light continental breakfast will be served. The main portion of the meeting will be devoted to discussion of the proposed amendments, with other business and reports streamlined to accommodate.


Issue a Proxy Online before October 13

Personalized email invitations were sent to all members on September 28 with the subject "2018 NASW Proposed Bylaw Amendments: Proxy Voting“ from sender "no_reply@regstep.com" and arrived in mailboxes either Friday or over weekend. Those that did not go out in the initial push due to web traffic issues were resent Monday and, as with all elections, invitations are resent several times throughout the voting window to those who have not yet completed the online proxy to insure ample opportunity to vote. If you do not receive the proxy invite, please first check your spam folder and filters and then contact director@nasw.org so we can assist.

If you issued a proxy and wish to change your vote, either come to the October 13 meeting and vote in person with a paper ballot or contact director@nasw.org no later than 5PM Eastern on October 12.

If you register a proxy online and vote in person, only the in-person vote will count.


Each of the 200+ expected paper ballots will need to be verified (the membership status of the voter verified and the ballot checked against the online proxy submission list to avoid duplicates) and then counted. Students members, who are not eligible to vote, assist with the process, which is overseen by the Executive Director. Due to the time-intensiveness of the process, we do not expect to know the results of any votes until 5-7 days after the polls close. If you are a student member who will be in DC on Sunday October 14 and would like to assist in the counting, please email director@nasw.org.

October 9, 2018


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