NASW Awards 3 Diversity Summer Fellowships

Congratulations to Delger Erdenesanaa, Alex Ip, and Claudia López Lloreda, who are recipients of this year’s Diversity Summer Fellowships. The fellowships support underrepresented minorities completing a science communication internship in any medium over the summer. The $5,000 award is intended to offset the costs associated with pursuing an internship and supplement any stipend they receive from their summer employer. 

Resources for covering COVID-19

NASW has created a list of resources for our members and all others covering the COVID-19 coronavirus disease pandemic.

Science Writers' Handbook series

The Science Writers’ Handbook and its spinoff titles have become must-read guides for all science writers. Whether you’re a journalist, communicator, educator, or scientist, the books offer fun, pithy, and readable advice for launching a new career or enhancing your existing one.