Ways to volunteer

NASW is an organization that relies on the energy and enthusiasm of volunteers. As volunteers, members can help shape programming as part of a committee or working group, lead or contribute to projects and programs, or run for the board. Thank you to all who contribute and help NASW reflect the needs and interests of members.

Below is a list of currently open calls for volunteers.

Help the Membership Committee with data collection and analysis


The NASW Membership Committee is trying to better understand the science writing community at large and needs some help with data collection and analysis. They are looking for volunteers to help with two tasks:

  • We’d like to know how many graduates science writing programs produce each year. We anticipate that it would involve some online research to make a list of programs as well as reaching out to universities or program heads with the question if the info is not available online.

  • How do applicants find out about NASW? We need a volunteer to tabulate data collected over the last five years from new member applications. This is a simple, straightforward task that should take no more than 3 hours.

If you would like to help with this, please contact the Membership Committee Chair, Sarah Zielinski, at sciwriter.sarah@gmail.com

Questions? Contact director@nasw.org

Committee chairs: Are you in need of volunteers for your committee or help with a special project? Write up a call and send it to director@nasw.org for posting here.