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Although it may be possible to survive as a freelance on straight journalism alone, most of us also take on other work as well, for universities, corporations, or research institutions. Jeanne Erdmann explores the rules, guidelines, and pitfalls in working both sides of the line.

Are you a student or young science writer looking for guidance on how veteran science writers do their jobs? Here's a chance to find out for yourself through the NASW Mentoring at AAAS Program, which matches graduate science writing students and professionals who've been on the science beat for two years or less with established science journalists and public information officers for a day during the AAAS Annual Meeting.

The NASW Education Committee will again sponsor the annual "Mentoring at AAAS" program in February, and we need your help. The program matches a veteran journalist or public information officer with a novice science writer or a student in a graduate science writing program. For 2006, the program will be offered at the AAAS annual meeting in St. Louis. (Feb. 16-20).