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It’s about Sausage: What you have to know if you like to eat meat

Christoph Droesser

Parents who serve meat to their children eventually have to talk about how the animal lived and died, whether eating meat is healthy, and how meat production affects the environment, says Christoph Droesser. He addresses these concerns in his book for children aged 8+, It’s about Sausage: What you have to know if you like to eat meat, currently available only in German.

Unofficial Guide to Minecraft Enchantments

Linda Zajac

In the twilight, your enchanted bow and boots shimmer. No need to swim across the lake. Just walk on water. Elementary school-age children who enjoy the computer game Minecraft can master this skill and more with the aid of Linda Zajac’s Unofficial Guide to Minecraft Enchantments. The book is one of four new guides to different facets of Minecraft play Zajac created in only three months.

How to Free Your Inner Mathematician

Susan D’Agostino

If the mathematical properties of wallpaper patterns, the best way to stack oranges, or the fairness of voting methods stir your curiosity, this book is for you. In How to Free Your Inner Mathematician: Notes on Mathematics and Life, Susan D’Agostino aims to help readers discard resistance to tackling mathematical concepts and explore new ways to master these ideas. She includes 300+ sketches.

The Alchemy of Us

Ainissa Ramirez

A diagnosis of COVID-19 depends in part on an accurate thermometer, a device made possible by adding boron to glass in the late 1800s. In The Alchemy of Us: How Humans and Matter Transformed One Another, Ainissa Ramirez tells how advances in materials science shape our lives. Along with glass, her topics include clocks, steel, telegraph wires, photographic materials, silicon chips, and more.

What the Dog Knows

Cat Warren

In What the Dog Knows, Cat Warren tells how she transformed her rambunctious German shepherd, Solo, recognized as having a “good nose,” into a cadaver dog. Warren gives young readers an introduction to the science of scent and the process of training dogs to follow a scent through a swamp, below ground, and even below the surface of a lake in this adaptation of her 2013 book on the same topic.

Math Art

Stephen Ornes

A mathematician created 13 mathematical quilts providing visual representations of patterns in pi. A topologist worked out equations for inner and outer curves of seashells to sculpt shells from gypsum. A teacher crochets tangible models of the hyperbolic plane. In Math Art: Truth, Beauty, and Equations, Stephen Ornes explains the math and provides stunning examples of mathematical art.