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  • From ScienceWriters: Don’t play games on reporting income

    ScienceWriters Fall 2015 cover

    Most NASW members and other freelancers are “cash basis” taxpayers. That’s IRS jargon for, among others, writers who have to declare advances and royalties for books and payments for articles in the year that they actually receive them. Similarly, the IRS generally forbids freelancers from deducting business expenses and other allowable outlays until the year that they actually pay them.

  • From ScienceWriters: How do you organize a book?

    ScienceWriters Summer 2015 cover

    Which programs help you write and edit most efficiently; let you import and mark up articles from publications, websites, and other sources; and let you share documents with a co-author? What is the learning curve? The NASW-Freelance discussion list recently explored these questions.

  • From ScienceWriters: WCSJ2017 coming to San Francisco

    ScienceWriters Summer 2015 cover

    The World Federation of Science Journalists (WFSJ) has announced that the National Association of Science Writers (NASW), in partnership with the Council for the Advancement of Science Writing (CASW), will host the 10th World Conference of Science Journalists, in San Francisco, in fall 2017, marking the first time WCSJ will take place in the United States.

  • From ScienceWriters: Visiting Scholar Richard Harris

    ScienceWriters Summer 2015 cover

    Science and journalism can change the world — or at least make an impact on it. On April 1, award-winning National Public Radio science reporter Richard Harris delivered that message at Virginia Tech's College of Engineering with the presentation “Using the tools of science and journalism to make a difference.”

  • From ScienceWriters: What is "Jeopardy!"?

    ScienceWriters Summer 2015 cover

    On March 10, at a massive sound stage here in the heart of Los Angeles, Alex Trebek stared down three contestants on the game show "Jeopardy!" The legendary host has presided over the TV show for 31 years, and that day he read off the following clue, which also appeared on a blue screen behind him: This condition has doubled in the last 30 years in U.S. kids & is linked to increased risk for diabetes.

  • From ScienceWriters: Letter of final instructions

    ScienceWriters Summer 2015 cover

    When you decide it’s time to write your will or update it, it’s also time to prepare a “letter of instructions.” Ignore the legalese. The letter is an informal document that spells out where you keep important personal papers and what your assets are, among other things.

  • From ScienceWriters: The chocolate diet hoax

    ScienceWriters Summer 2015 cover

    This spring brought a bounty of dubious headlines. There was the mildly outrageous claim that NASA secretly invented warp drive and the more believable one that using gay canvassers changed minds on gay marriage. And we heard a claim by journalist John Bohannon that he “fooled millions” with a hoax alleging that chocolate aided weight loss.

  • From ScienceWriters: Dialogue and drama at WCSJ2015

    ScienceWriters Summer 2015 cover

    WCSJ2015 provided a forum for science journalism to discuss the demands of our changing times, forge new and renewed professional networks, and savor Korean culture. Undeterred by an outbreak of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), the 9th World Conference of Science Journalists (WCSJ) took place June 8 to 12, in Seoul, South Korea.

  • From ScienceWriters: ScienceWriters2015 meeting preview

    ScienceWriters Summer 2015 cover

    Your friends at NASW, CASW, and Knight Science Journalism at MIT are hard at work on ScienceWriters2015, which lands in Cambridge, Mass., on Columbus Day weekend, Oct. 9 to 13. For a sneak preview of the meeting, read more. Full conference agenda and registration details available now at

  • From ScienceWriters: Dispatch from the Pacific

    ScienceWriters Spring 2015 cover

    "We moved three times the first 10 years, and, honestly, it posed no hardship because two moves brought us to the vicinity of Washington, D.C., where there’s a large science writing community, as well as lots of writing jobs that generally pay well," Brittany Moya del Pino writes. "However, when we moved to the Hawaiian island of Oahu last summer, the situation was quite different. This is the story of how I’ve been dealing with that difference, which at times was so great that it felt as if I had moved to a foreign country."