Authors Coalition genre survey

Please fill out the Authors Coalition genre survey so that NASW can continue receiving Coalition funds. It will only take you a couple of minutes. NASW needs to report the survey numbers each year, but each member only needs to fill out the questionnaire once unless his or her information changes.

If, in the future, you write in a new "genre" (as defined by the survey) please fill the survey out again. Otherwise, thanks for doing your part to assure that NASW receives the maximum possible Coalition payment.

The National Association of Science Writers works with other groups as part of the Authors Coalition to distribute non-title-specific royalties from photocopies made outside the US. NASW's share of these funds for the coming year will be determined by our members response to the following survey.

Please access the survey and check the categories in which you qualify as a published author. A 'published' work is one that is reasonably capable of being photocopied outside the US. Self-published works (which include author-subsidized works) will be deemed 'published' if (1) at least 1,000 copies were sold; (2) copies were commercially distributed outside the US; and (3) the work is reasonably capable of being photocopied outside the US.

The list that follows is not exhaustive; we use it because it is consistent with surveys conducted by foreign photocopy rights societies from whom we collect funds.

Please do not check more than one genre for one published work. If a work appears in both electronic and print formats, please check both boxes.