Congratulations to the ScienceWriters2014 Travel Fellows

Twenty five NASW travel fellows, including recipients of the new PIO Travel Fellowship, will be joined by travel fellows from the Council for the Advancement of Science Writing and the Diverse Scholar program in Columbus, Ohio October 17-21 for ScienceWriters2014.

2014 NASW Changing Times Travel Fellows

  • Monya Baker, San Francisco, CA
  • Alexandra Branscombe, Washington, DC
  • Angus Chen, Princeton, NJ
  • Rachel Ehrenberg, Cambridge, MA
  • Leslie Pray, Claremont, CA

2014 NASW Freelance Travel Fellows

  • Mollie Bloudoff-Indelicato Lima, Peru
  • Virginia Hughes, Brooklyn, NY
  • XiaoZhi Lim, Natick, MA
  • Lisa Marshall, Estes Park, CO
  • Gabriel Popkin, Mount Rainier, MD
  • Daniel Potter, Berkeley, CA
  • Erik Vance, Mexico City, Mexico
  • Andreas Von Bubnoff, Brooklyn, NY
  • Lauren Ware, Greensboro Bend, Vermont
  • Suhail Yusuf, Karachi, Pakistan

2014 NASW Graduate Travel Fellows

  • Jenny Adler, University of Florida
  • Leigh Cooper, University of California Santa Cruz
  • Hyacinth Empinado, University of Georgia
  • Alasdair Wilkins, University of North Carolina
  • Leslie Willoughby, University of California Santa Cruz

2014 NASW PIO Travel Fellows

  • Leah Burrows, Brandeis University
  • Ashley Carnifax, Florida Institute of Technology
  • Rebecca Burton, Florida Sea Grant
  • Jaclyn Jansen, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
  • Iqbal Pittalwala, University of California, Riverside

2014 DiverseScholar NASW Diversity Travel Fellows

Supported by DiverseScholar, a project of Community Partners and an NASW Idea Grant Awardee. Learn more.

  • Crystal Garner, Univ. of So. Mississippi
  • Ivan Gonzalez, Freelance, Richland, WA
  • Terri Hansen, Indian Country Today
  • Jacqueline Howard, HuffPost Science
  • Kunmi Sobowale, Univ. of Chicago

2014 CASW Travel Fellows

Supported by the Council for the Advancement of Science Writing. Learn more.

  • Jennifer Carpenter, Toronto, Canada. Freelance reporter and broadcast journalist for the BBC
  • Michael Casey, New York City. Energy, climate, and sports reporter for Fortune magazine
  • Marissa Fessenden, Cody, Wy. Freelance for numerous outlets including Scientific American, Smithsonian, and The Scientist.
  • Eric Niiler, Chevy Chase, Md. Freelance, correspondent for Discovery News.
Oct. 3, 2014

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