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To fight gonorrhea superbug, scientists target vital bacterial protein
By Breanna Beers, mentored and edited by William Schulz

Junk-food snacks can cause trouble even if they don’t cause weight gain, a study in rats finds
By Anna Drangowska-Way, mentored and edited by Siri Carpenter

Young men are vulnerable to persistent and intense loneliness
By Aqueena Mary Fernandez, mentored and edited by Jill Adams

Cancer drug prevents anaphylaxis in humanized mice
By Fernanda Ferreira, mentored and edited by Tina Hesman Saey

How virtual reality could help us empathize with others
By Emily Huegler, mentored and edited by Shannon Stirone

Hey, Jude, here’s what that song stuck in your head really means
By Calley Jones, mentored and edited by Jeanne Erdmann

The emerging role phenomarkers play in improving precision immunotherapy in cancer
By Atie Kashef, mentored and edited by Elizabeth Whittington

Why are some mushroom trips anxiety inducing? Scientists have a new clue
By Claudia Lopez-Lloreda, mentored and edited by Shannon Palus

Coronavirus paused life, but not research for gene therapy
By Melody Ocasio, mentored and edited by Pam Ronald

Cry for help: Babies’ shrieks can serve as warning sign for mothers’ postpartum depression
By Lidia Luna Puerta, mentored and edited by Chanapa Tantibanchachai

Boosting Language Processing with Song
By Adithi Ramakrishnan, mentored and edited by Jodi Ackerman

Heart starter
By Daniel Singer, mentored and edited by Liz Devitt

Sucked into your smartphone?
By Morgan Sweeney, mentored and edited by Roberta Batorsky

Sep. 15, 2020

NYU School of Professional Studies