September 25, 2021

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When immune cell ages, we age too, new study suggests
By Hosen Arman, mentored and edited by Bethany Brookshire.

Time flies when you’re in lockdown
By Nora Bradford, mentored and edited by Cameron Walker.

Autism symptoms may find relief through poop infusions
By Gabriela Beug, mentored and edited by Alexandra Witze.

How diet changes in human history have impacted our gut microbiome
By Emily Driehaus, mentored and edited by Joseph McClain.

Study links childhood violence to genetic changes
By Shaina Eagle, mentored and edited by Barbara Gastel.

Researchers engineer a new type of mouse to help thwart COVID-19 variants
By Taylor Engdahl, mentored and edited by Alisa Z Machalek.

Vitamin D lessens opioid addiction in mice
By Margaret Gregory, mentored and edited by Siri Carpenter.

Party drug MDMA could be useful tool in treating PTSD
By Katharina Grotsch, mentored and edited by JoAnna Wendel.

SARS-CoV-2 follows mutational patterns of its relatives
By Katherine Lester, mentored and edited by Steven Ira Benowitz.

Freeze your sperm now; microplastics could be making us infertile
By Yvonne Phan, mentored and edited by Shel Evergreen.

New study points to Alzheimer’s-like brain inflammation pathways for COVID-19
By Rayon Uddin, mentored and edited by Lisa M.P. Munoz.

Published elsewhere:

Cells Deep in Your Brain Place Time Stamps on Memories
By Abdulrahman Olagunju, mentored by Laura Dattaro.
Scientific American