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Texas A&M researchers develop genomic tool that may help eliminate zombie deer disease
By Courtney Adams, mentored and edited by Mark Roth

Dolphins and blue whales evolved side by side
By Justin Agan, mentored and edited by Kat Eschner

Researchers inch closer to understanding how animals know winter is coming
By Salvatore Aiello, mentored and edited by Steven Benowitz

Questing for Cures from a Boiling River
By Brianna Barbu, mentored and edited by Eric Bender

Let beavers do the work: Fighting wildfire one dam at a time
By Olivia Box, mentored and edited by Warren Cornwall

Seabirds and plastic on Laysan Island
By Genni Brookshire, mentored and edited by Jayshree Chander

Degraded feather quality of geese in captivity reveals a potential downside of conservation efforts
By Allessandra DiCorato, mentored and edited by Czerne Reid

Bringing back shade: American elms tested for city life
By Lillian Eden, mentored and edited by Chelsea Wald

Not all poop is created equal: swapping hippos for cattle may change the ecology of the Mara River in Kenya
By Patrick Farrar, mentored and edited by Becky Bach

Long after the snow melts, de-icing salts used on roads may threaten monarch butterflies
By Mari Gades, mentored and edited by Jeff Grabmeier

Studies of soil protist communities offer new insights into plant health
By Kiran Gurung, mentored and edited by Rosalind Reid

A hidden world of viruses thrives in the extreme environments near hydrothermal vents
By Zena Jensvold, mentored and edited by Caroline Wilke

The timely — and smart — butterfly gets the pollen
By Shi En Kim, mentored and edited by Sarah Lewin Frasier

Endangered Australian marsupial outsmarts feral cats
By Jake Krauss, mentored and edited by DJ McCauley

From the top: How wolf activity can shape a forest
By Mary Magnuson, mentored and edited by Amanda Grennell

An unlikely phoenix rises from the ashes of a California wildfire
By Ashleigh Papp, mentored by and edited Rich Stone

Researchers sequence third leech species’ genome, finding over 30 blood thinners
By Farah Qaiser, mentored by and edited Shannon Shea

Something smells fishy: Two unique experiments led us to discoveries about penguin sense of smell
By Adelle Reale

While other birds migrate north to nest, these hawks soar south
By Katrina Rossos, mentored by and edited Ashley Braun

Newly-discovered bacterial weaponry could improve human gut health
By Francesco Zangari, mentored by and edited Gilead Amit

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Whale blowholes don’t keep out seawater
By Rasha Aridi mentored by Sara Reardon
Science News for Students

'Devastating' virus killed 2 Indianapolis Zoo elephants. Their deaths may save others.
By Lorena Villanueva-Almanza mentored by Sarah Nightingale
Indianapolis Star

The Animal Kingdom Should Have Father’s Day Too
By Ananya Sen mentored by Stacy Kish

Jeweled Orb-Web Spiders Mimic Flowers to Catch Pollinating Insects
By Veronica Tremblay mentored by Jyoti Madhusoodanan
Inside Science

Sep. 15, 2020

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