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During life in lockdown, even rat moms need a break
By Caitlyn Finton, mentored and edited by Lesley Evans Ogden.

These birds’ nests aren’t just for the birds
By Kiran Gurung, mentored and edited by Jyoti Madhusoodanan.

Jumping worms wreak havoc on forest floors: University of Minnesota researchers explore management options
By Megan Reich, mentored and edited by Monique Brouillette.

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Sneaky Deep-Sea Camera Captures Footage of Elusive Giant Squid
By Rena Kingery, mentored by Julia Rosen.

Famine Weed Becomes More Toxic, Invasive in Carbon-Rich Atmosphere
By Fionna Samuels, mentored by Gilead Amit.

Invasive crayfish are dying in the Midwest. Could a fungus be the cause?
By Jack Tamisiea, mentored by Michael Price.
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Sep. 25, 2021

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