Meet the 2018-2020 NASW Board

We are pleased to announce the results of the recent NASW elections. Thank you to all of the candidates who ran and to those taking up the role for the next term. NASW is truly an organization of volunteers. From committee members to board members, the many hours put in on behalf of NASW's programs and organization are numerous: last year we had 400+ volunteers in various roles, and board members collectively contributed an estimated 1,862 hours. We couldn't do it without you!

Please join us in Washington, D.C., Oct. 12-16 for ScienceWriters2018 as we welcome our new board members and pay tribute to those who are cycling off. We will also have a special celebration for longtime ScienceWriters editor Lynne Friedmann.

2016-2018 NASW Board


Board members at large

* current board member

Congratulations to all!

The new board will take office on Oct. 12, prior to the ScienceWriters2018 meeting. The current board will continue to serve until then.

We are grateful to the following current board members who are cycling off the board, having given a collective 30+ years of service to the organization. Our deepest thanks to these “retiring" board members, many of whom will continue to volunteer in other capacities:

Retiring board members

  • Laura Helmuth, president, Washington Post, first elected to the board in 2012
  • Brooke Borel, freelance, first elected to the board in 2016
  • John Travis, Science, first elected to the board in 2016
  • Emily Willingham, freelance, first elected to the board in 2014
  • Philip Yam, Simons Foundation, first elected to the board in 2016
Sep. 12, 2018


Welcome.  Best wishes as you begin your invaluable service early next month.

Douglas Cornell

Life Member

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The NASW Board for 2018-2020 represents a remarkable group of science writers dedicated to the advancement and enhancement of the organization for all of its members. As co-chair of the PIO Committee and a member of the Program Committee, I am excited that our groups will be working with all of you during the next two years and see only great things ahead through our combined efforts. Best of luck and and best wishes for success!


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Thanks, Michael! I'll look forward to working with you and your committees in the years ahead. See you in D.C.



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