NASW mentoring program

The NASW Education Committee offers a variety of programs for NASW student and professional members, all of which are detailed here.

The National Association of Science Writers is committed to working with NASW members who are new to the field of science communications. The association's Education Committee has programs aimed at students taking part in one of the nation's science writing programs and at journalists and public information officers who have been covering the science beat for two years or less.

The programs include an on-site mentoring program, offered each year in conjunction with the NASW/AAAS annual meeting.

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Jeff Grabmeier
Co-Chair, NASW Education Committee
Assistant Director of Research Communications
Ohio State University

John Travis
Co-Chair, NASW Education Committee
Deputy News Editor

Mentoring Projects

Jun. 19, 2006

Leon Levy Center for Biography fellows

Drexel University Online