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NASW mentoring program pairs students and science writers during AAAS meeting

By Czerne Reid

A record 75 students from around the U.S. and across the world signed up for the 2022 edition of the NASW Mentoring Program during the AAAS annual meeting. Held virtually, this year’s event drew more than three times as many students as last spring, the first time the program was offered online. The in-person version of the program, last held in Seattle in 2020, generally attracts fewer than 40 students, on average.

A call for mentors netted almost 100 volunteers who worked with the students as editors, mentors or both. Several students wrote stories from AAAS for publication in the NASW Student Newsroom.

The NASW Internship fair attracted 93 students, and editors from 20 science news and communication outlets.

A big thank you to all the organizers, mentors and editors, without whom these opportunities would not be available to the students we serve.

Organizers and facilitators:

  • Czerne Reid, co-chair, NASW Education Committee
  • Ashley Yeager, co-chair, NASW Education Committee
  • Kimberly McCoy, NASW Internship Fair Coordinator
  • Tinsley Davis, NASW executive director
  • Sarah Nightingale, Student Newsroom developer and past NASW editor
  • Russell Clemings, NASW cybrarian

Volunteer mentors and editors:

Jill Adams, freelance science journalist; Pakinam Amer, independent science journalist; John Arnst, freelancer; Alex Baluku, reporter and news editor, Rwenzori Daily; Jacquelyn Beals, freelance science writer and editor (retired); Eric Bender, freelance writer and editor; Steven Benowitz, science writer and editor, National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences, NIH; David Biello, science curator, TED; Chad Boutin, science and IT writer, National Institute of Standards and Technology; Haley Bridger, senior science communication specialist, Brigham and Women’s Hospital; Monique Brouillette, freelance science journalist; Rina Diane Caballar, freelance journalist; Siri Carpenter, editor-in-chief, The Open Notebook; Michael Chorost, freelance author; Christina Couch, assistant director of professional development, MIT Graduate Program in Science Writing and freelance science journalist; Amber Dance, science writer, freelance; Laura Dattaro, news writer, Spectrum; Cristina Deptula, writer and editor, UC Davis College of Engineering; Jenessa Duncombe, news and features writer, Eos, American Geophysical Union; David Ehrenstein, senior editor, Physics magazine, American Physical Society; MacKenzie Elmer, environment and science reporter, Voice of San Diego; Jeanne Erdmann, independent journalist; Lesley Evans Ogden, freelance science journalist; Shelby Evergreen, freelancer and MIT graduate student; Helen Fields, senior science writer and team lead, Palladian Partners; Ann Finkbeiner, freelance science writer, freelance; Jodi Frank, Principal, writer and editor, Frank Communications; Barbara Gastel, professor, Texas A&M University; Olivia Goldhill, Investigative reporter, STAT; Carole Goldsmith, chief executive officer, Carole Goldsmith International; Heather Goss, editor-in-chief, Eos, American Geophysical Union; Jeff Grabmeier, director of research communications, Ohio State University; Emily Greenhalgh, digital media specialist and science writer, Marine Biological Laboratory; Lila Guterman, deputy news editor, Science magazine; Tara Haelle, independent journalist; Mary Hanson, former media and public affairs director, National Science Foundation; Erin Hare, vice president and science writer, Chandler Chicco Agency; Nadia Holden, science writer and editor, National Cancer Institute; Robert Irion, director emeritus and program advisor, UC Santa Cruz; Emma Johnson, communications associate, Environmental and Energy Study Institute; Nicola Jones, freelance reporter and editor; Alla Katsnelson, independent science journalist; Stacy Kish, associate director of research communications, Carnegie Mellon University; Brian Koberlein, science writer, National Radio Astronomy Observatory; Patricia Koning, communications director, National Ignition Facility, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; Betsy Ladyzhets, Documenting COVID-19 project/MuckRock, COVID-19 Data Dispatch and freelance journalist; Sarah Lewin Frasier, assistant news editor, Scientific American; Grace Lindsay, postdoctoral research fellow, University College London; Alisa Machalek, science writer, NIH; Theresa Machemer, biomedical and health writer, Palladian Partners; Adam Mann, freelance journalist; Benjamin Marcus, Public Relations Director, CG Life; Jenny Marder, senior science writer, NASA; Jeff Martin, director of communications and public affairs, American Anthropological Association; Betsy Mason, freelance journalist; DJ McCauley, science editor, CSA News; Yoshiko Miwa, board member, Japanese Association for Science and Technology Journalists; Katie Moisse, assistant professor, science communication, McMaster University; Rich Monastersky, chief features editor, Nature; Michael Newman, senior media relations representative, Johns Hopkins Medicine; Tien Nguyen, freelance science journalist and video producer; Amy Nordrum, editorial director, special projects and operations, MIT Technology Review; Amy Oliver, public information & news manager and science writer, National Radio Astronomy Observatory; Sarah Paris, freelance writer and editor; Sarah Perdue, communications manager, department of physics, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Devin Powell, freelance science writer and storyteller; Aayushi Pratap, assistant editor, Forbes; Michael Price, contributing correspondent, Science magazine; Sara Reardon, freelance reporter; Ariana Remmel, freelance science journalist; Elliot Richman, science writer and editor (retired); Jackie Rocheleau, freelance science journalist and editor; Julia Rosen, freelance journalist; Priyanka Runwal, science reporting resident, National Geographic; Jill Sakai, science writer and editor, University of Wisconsin-Madison and freelance; William Schulz, managing editor, Photonics Focus, SPIE; Simran Sethi, freelance writer and senior fellow, Oakland Institute; Shannon Shea, senior writer & editor and social media manager, Office of Science, U.S. Department of Energy; Mark Shwartz, director, Olmec Media; Joshua Sokol, freelance science writer; Aimee Stern, president, Brave Now PR; Vandana Suresh,, science copywriter, Houston Methodist Academic Institute; Alka Tripathy-Lang, freelance writer and editor; Anthony Van Witsen, author and editor, SciCommBites; Sarah Webb, associate science media editor, Krell Institute; JoAnna Wendel, public affairs specialist, Oregon Health Authority; Elizabeth Whittington, director of executive communications, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital; Carolyn Wilke, freelance science journalist; Shawna Williams, news director, The Scientist; Alex Witze, freelance reporter; Lauren Wolf, bureau chief for the Americas, Nature News; Kathleen Wong, director of communications, University of California Natural Reserve System; Katarina Zimmer, freelance journalist.

Internship Fair recruiters:

A big thank you to the editors from American Geophysical Union, Association for Psychological Science, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Cell Press/Elsevier, Johns Hopkins Medicine, Johnson & Johnson, MIT Technology Review, Nature, Resources for the Future, Science, Science News, Scientific American, Spectrum, STAT, The Scientist, Thomas Jefferson University, Truth Initiative, University of Pennsylvania, and Yale Medicine Magazine/Yale School of Medicine.

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March 3, 2022

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