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Published on NASW.org:

At AAAS 2024, scientists ponder why hesitancy about dental fluoride treatment and vaccination occurs
By Krishnakoli Adhikary, mentored and edited by Michael E. Newman

At AAAS, a controversial proposal to declare fentanyl a 'Weapon of Mass Destruction'
By Simar Bajaj, mentored and edited by Kelly Tyrrell

How to help research reach the most vulnerable
By Nora Bradford, mentored and edited by Michael Price

How STEM professors are weaving climate justice into higher education
By Emily Engelbart, mentored and edited by Shel Evergreen

Carbon-capture technology could combat climate change – if it’s safe
By Josie Heimsoth, mentored and edited by Laurel Hamers

GPT-4 is all talk and not much understanding, says this AI expert
By Grace Huckins, mentored and edited by Rob Irion

Putting the social in science: using culture to leverage biology
By Olivia Maule, mentored and edited by Elliot Richman

Navigating science diplomacy’s potential and pitfalls
By Jasmine Pathan, mentored and edited by Tom Ulrich

March 31, 2024