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Science and Society

Published on NASW.org:

Scientists must win back the trust of Americans post pandemic
By Emely Bonilla, mentored and edited by Robin Marantz Henig

Disadvantaged, polluted neighborhoods increase the risk of depression in children and adolescents
By John Carlo Jadormeo Combista, mentored and edited by Mark Shwartz

Monkey Sounds May Provide Clues to Our Emotional Origins
By Mia Gawith, mentored and edited by Sarah Webb

Canadian wildfires illuminate health disparities in low-income neighborhoods — in Chicago
By Sarah Mahaney, mentored and edited by Shel Evergreen

UC San Diego’s expanded on-campus surveillance raises privacy and retaliation concerns
By Fayth Tan, mentored and edited by Kathiann M. Kowalski

Here's why we fall for deception, and what we can do about it
By Abdulrahman Olagunju, mentored and edited by Maureen O'Hagan

How extreme heat inflames a historically polluted community
By Jordyn Pykon, mentored and edited by Maddie Bender

Published elsewhere:

The Dark Side of Involuntary Hospitalization
By Elizabeth Lin, mentored and edited by Elizabeth Whittington
The Xylom

October 27, 2023